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24/7 Protection

Serving Maryland's Eastern Shore

In the event of a fire, every second counts. Having your fire alarm system monitored 24/7 protects you and the occupants of your building. When a device activates your fire alarm, the fire alarm immediately notifies the monitoring agency, and dispatches the fire company with specific information about the exact point of origin of the fire alarm activation.  In addition to notifying the fire company, any parties on your "call list" will also be notified as well. 

Every single day, the fire alarm panel will send a test signal to the monitoring agency to ensure proper communication in the event of an actual fire. If the panel fails to communicate, all necessary parties are notified so that the communication can be restored quickly. 

In addition to daily tests, if any device that is part of a supervised fire alarm system goes into trouble, or fails to work, a notification is sent to the monitoring agency as well.

This monthly service give you the peace of mind knowing that your alarm is always functioning, and in the unfortunate event of an actual fire that your fire alarm is working and people get out safely.