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Industrial Dry Chemical

Sales, Service & Installation

Serving Maryland, Delaware & Virginia's Eastern Shore

  • Automobile Paint Booths
  • Paint and Chemical Mixing Rooms
  • ​Flammable and Hazardous Storage
  • Industrial Vehicles
  • Hydraulic Equipment

By volume, dry chemical suppresses better than any other agent and Industrial Dry Chemical Systems are best suited for these industrial applications.

Our trained technicians perform annual testing (or monthly where required) for industrial dry chemical systems. All testing documentation is then forwarded to the local authorities to ensure that you stay up to code and your employees are safe. 

Fire suppression and extinguishing bottles are required to have special testing done at specific intervals (5 year, 6 years and 12 years). When your bottles are due for these services they have to be removed to be serviced to either replace chemical or test cylinders for structural integrity with pressurized water. We provide this service as required, and provide loaners in some instances.  

If a deficiency is found during an inspection, our technicians are able to make repairs to bottles within safety limits, and make recommendations to get your facility/equipment properly covered as soon as possible.  

We survey, design, and install industrial dry chemical systems to suit your every need. We work closely with municipalities and agencies to ensure your new system meets local and national fire codes.

Don't know what you need? No problem, we will come out and provide a free estimate. We will survey your property, check your current set up against current NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Codes, and make recommendations for a complete safety solution.