Do I need a Fire Extinguisher for my business?

Yes, most state, city, local jurisdictions and insurance companies require you to have fire extinguisher coverage in commercial establishments.

How often do my fire extinguishers need to be inspected and tagged?

At the very least, fire extinguishers should be inspected annually by a licensed professional. In addition, monthly (in-house) inspections should be done to ensure that access to each fire extinguisher is not obstructed, tamper indicators are not broken or missing - in most cases this is required by the fire marshal and insurance companies.

Why do technicians sometimes have to take extinguishers with them and leave loaners?

Every six years dry chemical fire extinguishers need one of two types of service.

  • 6 Year Maintenance - involves discharging the extinguishers, cleaning the internal parts, and recharging the extinguishers
  • 12 Year Hydrostatic Test - involves all of the steps of a 6 Year Maintenance as well as a pressurized hydrostatic test to check the cylinder's structural integrity.

Is it cheaper to just purchase a new fire extinguisher instead of having it serviced?

No, in most cases it is about 50% less to have an extinguisher serviced. Also, any new extinguishers would have to be tagged to meet the local and state regulations.

Why should I buy fire extinguishers from Fire Protective Services, Inc., when I can get them cheaper at a hardware store?

Like with most things, you get what you pay for.  In the case of the hardware store fire extinguisher they are meant for residential applications. The heads and nozzles are typically made of plastic (not metal like the commercial grade ones that we carry) and in most cases are a non-refillable type. Meaning, once they are used, they cannot be serviced and must be discarded. Similarly, in commercial applications fire extinguishers have to be pulled out for service every 6 years, and  these non-refillable  type extinguishers may not be serviced and must be discarded as well. So when you are required to have these tests done every six years, you will have to replace the hardware store type extinguishers, because they are not able to be serviced. So, in the long run you end up paying more, and for a product that is more likely to fail over time.

What does ABC mean in regards to fire extinguisher type?

Fire hazards are categorized into three classes: A) trash, wood and paper , B) flammable liquids  & C) electrical equipment. Therefore, and ABC fire extinguisher is designed to cover all three types of fire hazards.

Will my dry chemical (ABC) fire extinguisher freeze during the winter months?

No, a dry chemical fire extinguisher is suitable in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 120 degrees F.

Do you offer staff training for fire extinguisher use?

Yes, we offer live and simulated training. It is a great value to your business to have properly trained staff, and in the even of a actual fire can save lives. Call us to today for more details if you would like to have a fire extinguisher training for your staff or organization.

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